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Our website is currently being updated with our new range of selective water filter products, if you hve any queries regarding any of our products plase do not heitste to send us an email at


Water filters uk is your one stop shop for water filtration products with glocbal delivery including UK, Europe and USA with a full range of water filters, water filter housing and cartridges including leading brands such as Watts water filters and Liff. We also have more select products for specialist installations including uv water systems, RO systems and water softeners.

Waterfiltersuk only supply genuine replacement water filters from reputable brands, we do not supply cheap imported compatable replacement filters which cannot be traced or have no quality control which often break down, do not last as long and give inferior water quality to genuine filters

Liff Water Filters

The Liff range of water filters are very popular and waterfiltersuk stock the full range of products including the full range of genuine liff cartridges for the NP1, NDL2 and HF76 water filter housings.The most popular filters in the range are the 10" style drop in filters which consist of the following filters.

The SB10-1, SB10-5 and SB10-25 sediment filters. Carbon filters, the MX1 carbon block and C1 a GAC (Granular Activated Carbon) filter. R1 resin cartridge. PP a polyphosphate filter for protection from limescale. The CY is a ceramic filter which can protect from harmful bacteria, the NCSW is a 5 micron sediment along with a carbon filter giving sediment reduction and improving the taste of your water while the CR10 is a combination of resin and carbon, helping remove scum/scale from water while also improving taste.

Eco Aqua Water Filters

Our range of Eco aqua water filter cartridges are high quality wras approved water filters to fit popular water boilers and fridge including the Lincat Filter Flow, Insinkerator and fridges using the CS-52 water filter cartridge.

Franke Water Filters

We supply the Doulton range of M15 Franke Water filters, a brand long established and associated with high quality filters for the Franke range of products. Our Doulton Franke water filters are made to the highest standard by the world famous Doulton brand, a world leader in ceramic water filter cartridges.

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